Travel Q & A with S & J

A few of the questions we're most commonly asked

Do you belong to a travel club/timeshare?

Travel club – YES, timeshare – NO. We are lifetime members of Unlimited Vacation Club and, by extension, UVC Lifestyle Collection. I could argue that joining the club was the best thing we ever did travel-wise as it  definitely encouraged our travel and taught us travel does NOT have to cost a fortune. I will do a thorough review on our club soon!


Do you have a preferred airline?

YES. We are pretty loyal to Delta Airlines, because we are Skymiles members and get lots of perks for flying with them! We have been Skymiles members and credit card holders since 2016 and we have already received numerous free flights, including a round trip ticket to New Zealand. 2019 is the first year we are Medallion members with Delta so we hope that will pay off! More info on our travel cards soon.

How do you have time to travel with work?

Even though we both have busy full time jobs we still make time for travel! We’re fortunate enough to have jobs that understand we are travel crazies and we make it work. I like to live by the motto: ‘if not now, when?’. That little phrase also works for me when procastinating a project, err sometimes.

What has been your favorite trip so far?

Honestly every new trip we go on, I think that it cannot be beat. If we had to choose we would both say Iceland. Not only was the country gorgeous and unique but there were so many things to do, explore, see, climb, etc! Most people don’t realize how easy it is to get to Iceland from east coast US. I definitely recommend everyone experience Iceland at least once!

Why are you bothering us with a blog?

First of all, watch your tone. But I wanted to start a travel blog for two reasons. For one, I want to make sure I remember all the amazing things we’ve done on our trips no matter how big or small, and the only way for me to truly remember everything is with pictures and by writing it down (aka blog material). We also get a lot of questions from friends about what to do in different places, so hopefully this will be a good way to learn from our trial and error! As for Josh, he’s mostly just along for the ride like a good hubby.

Where do you want to go the most that you haven't already been?

Ohhh where don’t we want to go? I want to see it all. I cannot stand that there are so many places in the world that I still haven’t explored! In a dream scenario I would take one of those two month long cruises that sail around the entire world.  I really want to go to Fiji and stay in an over the water bungalow. We both also want to go to Alaska and Antarctica. It’s the only continent we haven’t been to yet!

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