Josh Thoughts

What's a Josh Thought?

So hopefully you all know Josh by now – my easy going, beer-drinking, street meat-eating, drink the worm husband.  Josh is a man of few words, but many opinions.  In some ways we are very similar but in many we are polar opposites, and I believe that because of our differences he can give a unique perspective to our travels.  If there is one thing that I won’t write about much it’s food, because I have the weakest stomach known to man and am generally scared to eat most things.  Josh on the other hand will eat anything and loves to try new foods in different countries.  In Iceland, for example, he ate rotten shark and chased it with “black death”, so you see my point.  I am hoping Josh will give you some insight into what’s good to eat and drink, what he enjoyed most and least about each trip, and his genuine opinion over all, but at the end of the day you just never know what Josh might say…

Josh smoking shisha on our riad's roof in Marrakesh, Morocco
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